Football revolution 2018




A spectacular soccer game with official licenses



Football Revolution 2018 is a 3D soccer game where you don't control the players on the team. Instead, you make important decisions every match, and you'll have to make them quickly, because if not, you'll lose possession of the ball.

Try to center the ball or get it to the end of the field, dribble through defense or take a long shot, go down the left side of the field or the right. These are the only decisions you'll have to make during the games, and each one comes with a success rate based on the player in question. So with some players, it's more effective to get past the defense by dribbling, while with others it's a better idea to look for a deep pass.

When you're not playing, you can choose between 50 different line-ups for your team. You can also choose from hundreds of real players from the most important leagues in the world, including soccer stars from Real Madrid. These are the players you'll use to play the tutorial, but you can also sign them to your team later on. With each game, you'll not only improve your classification, but you can also improve your team.

Football Revolution 2018 is an original soccer game that offers a different gaming experience compared to other big games like FIFA or PES, but it's just as fun. The game also has official licenses, real players, real stadiums, and real teams.